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About Us

This is the site of the Norfolk and Suffolk arm of the Westfield Sports Car Club.
We are a mixed bunch of friendly souls with interests ranging from track days to general pootling down country lanes in the cars. You don't have to have a Westfield to come and join us so pop down one day and check us out.

To reduce spam I've had to remove the email address mailto link so please email my using the address shown in the image below. Thanks

Mailing List

A couple of mailing lists are setup for our use. One is for announcements and the other for discussions. These email lists are intended for WSCC members only. If you are not known to the AO (for example a new member or outside the area) then please drop an email to the address above and introduce yourself and then subscribe to the lists.

Announce - this is the one that is used for official announcements like meetings. It's a one way message list that only the AO can post to.

Discuss- this is a discussion list for the local members where you can all post to once you have signed up to it. This could be useful for things like borrowing tools from members, organising adhoc drives, notices of other events in the area etc.

To sign up please visit these links: