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Here are details of some of our members (only the printable ones) and their trusty partners - their Westfields.

If any details are incorrect, or yours are missing, then we apologise; please e-mail me with correct details supplying any digi-pics possible.

Neil "Wide-body" Hatton
  • Westfield SeiW.
  • Chrome Yellow.
  • Vulcan Ford 2.1ltr Pinto 160bhp (rolling road tested).
  • Built car myself over 4 year period.
  • We've been to Le Mans and back, Santa Pod RWYB as well as many trackdays. Looking at modifying car for more trackday performance, would look at upgraded brakes\ventilation then a Cossie lump - just as soon as I find the funds!
Neville "what's that noise" Bull Neville and Westfield CVH are long since seperated. Was upgraded to 2ltr Ferriday developing supposedly 160bhp, Contoured dash, V8 Bonnet.
David Busby Westfield 1700 X-flow SEIW 1999 build. Navy blue and yellow.
David Crawley Westfield SEI. Originally a 2.8 V6 Ford Ex-SBD car, loads of history - though none on this page!
John Pearce Westfield SEiW white 1700 x-flow
Ray Kortlang Westfield 1998 SEIW 2.1 Pinto. Ray and Westie not seen or heard of in ages!
Chris Ford Westfield 1999 SEiW, 1700 Xflow.Twin Weber 45 carbs with a Piper 285 Cam - approx 120BHP at flywheel. Not been seen since seriously taking to the WSCC sprint series.
David Giles Westfield SE 1600 PINTO YELLOW
Chris Wilson Pinto 2.1
Ed Owen X-flow? No other details
Gary Owen Cosworth. No other details
Alan Giles Early 1990s chassis, beautifully re-bodied in new black GRP, aero screens and interior. CVH. Already has Zetec to swap-out
Peter Legget Pinto 2.1. Gets a fair amount of trackday use.
Martin Edwards Chrome Yellow. X-flow with throttle bodies and engine mapping
Claire & Pete "Postie" Collins Westfield 1998 SEIW 1800 Zetec un-modified. Post Office red - funny enough. Bought at a very weak moment at Stoneleigh Kit Car Show! Very nice clean car.
Shaun Lawry

Westfield Sport Carbon No.4 factory built 2000.155bhp 1800 Zetec, lightweight sports body, carbon fibre nose cone, cycle wings and dashboard. 640Kgs via weight bridge

Sadly Shaun moved away and had to sell the Westie. Hopes to have another one - one day.

Kevin Wood 2.0 Zetec SEIW. Navy Blue. 680Kgs via weight bridge
Graham Followell Sport Carbon, Zetec? No other details
Dale Micahel-Robinson Factory re-built car, after write-off accident! Duratec to almost 200bhp! Alloy uprights, anti-roll bars etc. Chrome Yellow. No Pics yet!
Mark Hall - aka BLATMAN One's not enough for this guy; Westfield 2.0 Vauxhall for the road and a Westfield Cossie for WSCC sprints! No details other than very GREEN and very quick!
Andrew Cawte Westfield 2.0 Vauxhall XE, canary yellow, ducted nose with V8 bonnet, rear exhausts, built 1999.
Phil Stratton-Lake Vauxhall powered, appx 190bhp. Aeroscreen only! Bought on e-bay! Received recent wheel and tyre upgrades for more trackday work!
Mark Spain

Westfield SEiGHT factory built. Missing in action years ago. Performance figures recorded at Santa Pod (4.8.02)

Reaction 1.140
60ft 2.098
1/8 ET 8.673
1/8 MPH 81.75
3/16 ET 11.187
1/4 ET 13.503
1/4 MPH 99.4


Mike Bloice Westfield Seight registered 1999, Side pipes, no Cats, K&N induction kit. Colour Aqua. Sadly now seperated from Westie.
John Lambert Westfield Seight
James "Ice Man" Lambert Modified Westfield V8 drag racer. In process of adding nitrous!



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