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This is the Surrey Area Westfield Sports Car Club Web SIte... It has articles, events and other 'stuff' that should be of interest to Westy owners...


The Club meeting is once a month, at the Parrot Inn at Forest Green, RH5 5RZ on the following schedule:-

September to March:- The second Sunday of the month at 13:00

April to August:- The second Tuesday of the month at 19:00


Pretty good food (if a tad expensive), good car parking space and, as it's an 'out of the way pub', you get to have a pretty good blatt just getting there - now that can't be bad!. The meetings are open to anyone who owns a Westy or anyone who's interested in getting a one. So as long as you're keen on Westfields - come along. The following map shows where we meet:-


(click the map to see a larger plan view of the area)


The club (well, me) also arranges evening blatts, Sunday morning RBFYB(tm) runs, trackdays and runs to Kit-Car shows (see the diary page) and other events that seem like a good idea at the time. We also arrange various other events during the course of the year including our very successful Christmas Dinner and (hopefully) a Treasure Hunt that will probably degenerate into a a mobile phone marathon of "and we are where exactly?" - so should be a giggle.


As a club we have a wide range of cars and so installed engines, which gives us a wide knowledge base on the technical side - We see everything between the good old Ford Crossflow through Vauxhalls to rather saucy Duratechs and V8s with a side order of Bike Engined Cars, so it's a very good mix of cars and people.

Contact Details:-

Area Organiser: Steve Lawson

(Please note: You need to be on the Surrey Area eMailing list before you can sign-up to the Forum - So contact me first)


If you have any suggestions for events or activities that you feel would be of interest to other members, please let me know.

Updated - 03.12.2012